Disinformation literacy
for concerned people

Twitter Basics

Getting Started (download a pdf of this resource here)

  • Go to Twitter.com or download the app

  • Provide:

    • Full name (Title on your account)

    • Username (Your twitter handle)

    • Phone number

  • Add:

    • Bio

    • Banner picture

    • Profile picture (it doesn’t have to be a photo)

    • Location

  • Optional:

    • Two-factor authentication

    • Email address


Start Tweeting

  • Find accounts to follow

  • Read, click as you see fit

  • Try:

    • Liking a tweet

    • Retweeting something you want to share

    • Replying to someone you know or like

  • When comfortable, start tweeting

    • Tweets are 280 characters

Be Careful Out There


  • Be yourself

  • Explore and learn


  • Feed the trolls

    • They are looking for arguments and discord

    • Block and move on

  • Recognizing a troll

    • Inflammatory or repetitive responses

    • Twitter handles with many numbers

    • No profile picture

    • Older accounts with few followers